BDaB Character Jam 10: Nightbane

Coming at you with another awesome drunken Character Jam, the Bikers Dice and Bars crew is back with our longest episode yet. This one was just too good to split into two, so sit back and enjoy an extended romp through the random hilarity of Palladium’s Nightbane Role-Playing Game!

We’re currently halfway through a month-long content break as we move to a brand new recording studio. This episode was recorded the night before Gamestorm 2019, and due to scheduling conflicts with his duties as convention staff, Jacob couldn’t make it to the session. So we made sure to have an extra special amount of fun without him, Hah! The players decided all their characters were part of a special guerilla “Free teh Aminals!” hippy group, due to their multiple collective dysfunctions. In true Nightbane style, we all made base Nightbane OCCs, and the results were quite astounding.

Our next content on the feed after this one will most likely be our special Wagoncon episode. Come join us there May 3rd-5th in The Dalles, Oregon. Most of the Breakfast Puppies crew will be there – if you’re a listener, find us at the con and we’ll have a pint!

Finally, as mentioned in the closing of this episode, we just launched a brand new Patreon page. If you want to help us pay the bills, consider checking out the Patreon campaign and subscribing. And thanks!

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As always: Rubber Side Down, May your Dice ever roll Crits, Always Drink Responsibly, and Remember to Tip your Bartender (and your dancers and performers)!

The Characters:

  • Xander as “Starchild / Scythe”
  • Poppy as “Astrid / Hentai”
  • Linsel as “The Crystal Bear”

Links of Note:


  • Hosts: NPC, Dr. Xander Gerrymander, Poppy Beaujolais, and Linsel Greene
  • Special Guest: Sir Oliver Cromwell
  • Theme Song: “Bikers, Dice, and Bars” by Skip VonKuske
  • Drinks of the Evening: Old German, Kell’s Brewery Tropical Hazy IPA, Ninkasi Prismatic Juicy IPA
  • Running Time: 01:53:22
  • Final Thoughts: Apparently holding your plosives is how you get a UTI in the podcasting world.

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