Bikers Dice and Bars #066: Tales from the Rail

Xander and Jacob regale us with a handful of their more lascivious and ridiculous bartending stories. This is our first foray into this topic, and they’ve got plenty more where those came from, so if you want to hear more, let us know! All the whole Poppy forces us to suffer through a series of increasingly disgusting seasonal seltzers from Budweiser.

Bikers Dice and Bars Character Jam #19: Blackout in Crater Valley

We’re back with another Character Jam! This time we’re doing another DCC spin-off, and it’s a glorious one: Blackout in Crater Valley! It’s a game about feeding a bunch of 1980s teenagers to a Halloween Nightmare, and it’s a perfect new addition to what might hopefully become a long tradition of running DCC games on the spookiest night of the year. Give us a listen and laugh along at all of the awesome new character options in this Stranger Things-esque adventure module!

Bikers Dice and Bars #063: Pizza in Portland

In this episode we talk (and argue) about pizza. Apparently some guys from some place or something wrote some ridiculously expensive snobbish books about the best pizza in the country, and apparently they say Portland wins. As if! Anyway, if you want to listen to us argue about pizza and lament the loss of one of the best places in town, this one’s for you.

BDaB #062: Back to the Bars (post-COVID)

Now that vaccinations are plentiful and a lot of the mask and closure mandates are lifting, folks are heading out in droves to go back to their favorite bars – should they still exist, of course. Many of our favorite watering holes unfortunately did not survive the lockdown months, and we deeply lament their passing. Fortunately, our resident “best-dressed man you’ll ever hear” bartender Dr. Xander Gerrymander is back behind the taps and slinging drinks for all of us drunken plebes. In this episode, we talk with Xander about what the bar life is like now that everyone is heading “Back to the Bar” in Summer of 2021.

BDaB #060: Vaccinated 2021

All of us here at the Breakfast Puppies studio are finally fully vaccinated! In this episode, we talk about our experiences getting the various COVID-19 vaccines that are currently out there, and why you should get one if you haven’t already. Do your part to help save lives!