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The Glitterbois #0142: Integrating Ninjas & Super Spies into the Megaverse

It’s been a spell since we’ve ventured beyond the Rifts/Fantasy games, so it’s high time we got back to talking more about Ninjas & Superspies! Today we’re discussing ways to integrate the N&SS mechanics (namely its variety of martial arts styles) into the greater Megaverse, with a main focus on Rifts and other MDC settings. Give us a listen, then join our awesome Discord server and tell us about your favorite cross-Megaversal martial arts monstrosity!

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The Glitterbois #0128: In Defense of Fudging Dice

Today NPC and Just Jacob dive into discussion of a topic that is guaranteed to devolve into flame wars every time it appears anew in a RPG community: Fudging Dice Rolls! As everyone does, we have some thoughts and opinions of our own, and we’re here to converse. GIve us a listen, then drop by our Discord to tell us how wrong we are! I kid. Mostly.

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The Glitterbois #0126: In Defense of Min-Maxing

For the next several episodes, Just Jacob joins us again as a guest host, as Matthew has had some medical issues preventing him from recording. For this first of a new batch of discussions, we talk about the idea of “min-maxing” characters for fun and profit, and take a stab at defending the practice in moments where it makes the most sense. Drop by discord afterward and share stories of your favorite min-maxed characters!

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