Podcast Editing Services

The Breakfast Puppies now offer professional podcast editing services!

March 2020 Update: Due to free time at home during this worldwide pandemic, I’ve halved both of my editing rates for the foreseeable future. These rates are still applicable as of January 2024

Currently we offer two tiers of editing services, on a per-episode basis, in addition to an optional monthly processing and management service. All New Customers of all tiers and packages also receive a free initial consultation and process review session, either online or in-person as circumstances permit. This session generally takes an hour, with final length ultimately depending on the current state of your recording process. There will be plenty of time for Q&A as well.

Our editing services are a highly collaborative experience! We do not believe in “fire and forget” batch editing. Even at our most basic service, we will work with you to tune your sound in the way that suits you best, with multiple passes for quality if needed. Your feedback into our process makes both of us succeed.

All services are billed at the end of the month in which they are rendered. We prefer recordings of 90 minutes or less, but welcome longer recordings on a per-case basis. If yours are longer than 90 minutes, contact us and we can talk about how best to make our services work for you.

Tier 1: Standard Editing: $25/episode

For a price of $50 $25 for up to ~90 minutes of initial recording length, we will provide the following editing services:

  • We’ll clean up the sound through custom equalization, noise reduction, loudness leveling, and general all-around balancing. If you’re recording multi-track, each speaker will have sound profiles tailored to their voices and patterns.
  • We’ll attach any opening and closing stingers you may have and make sure they blend in. If they need some tweaking, we’ll provide feedback, and work with you to make them sound better.
  • If you have sound effects at certain cues, we’ll match them to your given timestamps and make sure they blend well with the production.
  • We can add Chapter Marks if requested. These are handy ways for listeners using a number of supported players, allowing them to easily skip forward and back to key moments in your show.
  • Discounted options for batches of five or more episodes at a time!
  • Host Limit: Unlimited! There is no additional cost for additional hosts or guests.
  • General Turn-Around: 2-5 Days

Why choose Standard? If you are already confident in the structure and quality of your recording, the Standard package allows us to focus entirely on the final sound output, without worrying about nitpicking the innards.

Tier 2: Premium Editing: $50/episode (+$15/speaker beyond first two)

For a price of $100 $50 for up to ~90 minutes of initial recording length, we will provide all of the Standard-tier editing services, plus:

  • We’ll give the episode a complete beginning-to-end listen while we edit.
  • While listening, we’ll perform additional spot volume leveling, pause tidying, “uhm” reduction, click removal, plosive zapping, and more such personal tweaking.
  • Tech feedback will be given on each episode, as well as a synopsis of any particular actions taken.
  • We’ll add a really short “edited and arranged by the Breakfast Puppies” stinger at the end of each episode, for promotional purposes.
  • Discounted options for batches of five or more episodes at a time!
  • Host Limit: This base rate covers a show including up to two speaker (aka host or guest) voice tracks. Additional speakers require additional work, with an added cost of $15 per additional voice track, per episode.
  • General Turn-Around: 7-14 days

Why choose Premium? If you need on-the-fly tweaking of your recording’s entire content structure, such as “Uhm” and plosive removal and time-trimming, Premium is the service for you. It’s a great option for podcasters seeking a complete beginning-to-end listen and tech assessment of their work. And if you record in multi-track, we recommend the Premium package to ensure the best sound across all of your tracks.

Optional Add-On: The “We Handle Everything!” Package ($50/month)

As an optional monthly add-on to either editing package, we offer to “do everything” involved in managing your feeds, tags, and distribution. You own your feed fully, but we’ll manage it all for you professionally! This package includes:

  • Complete Episode formatting and uploading, including ID3 tag management
  • Feed management of iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Tunein, Pocket Casts, and any other feeds where you wish to be distributed.
  • Complete multi-tiered local and cloud backup of all master recordings, project files, and episodes that we’ve processed for you.
  • One free 1-hour technical consultation and check-in each month (in addition to the free initial consultation). If you’re in the Portland, OR area, this can including visiting your location to review setup, discuss performance, break down stats, tweak techniques, and so on.
  • Optional “cut content” saved bonus tracks of any of the episodes edited that month, for use as you wish.
  • Optional Audio Hosting through our Business account with Pinecast – this includes stats, customizable notification triggers, and your own personal tip jar.
  • Discounted Multi-show and advance annual pricing packages available.

Why choose the add-on? If you simply don’t have time for any of the administrivia of running your feeds and distribution, this service is geared for you. You should also consider this if you want to maintain off-site backups of your masters, and hold onto possible “bonus” cut content for later use.


The most excellent and extremely talented Nathanael Philip Cole is not only highly literate in the most pertinent of sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming worlds, but also extremely good with sound! He’s friendly, supportive, very collaborative and extremely efficient!

– Rhys Pasimio, SMART Counsel Podcast

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