The Glitterbois #0021: Intro to the Rifter Magazine

We continue our “Introduction to…” series with a look at Palladium’s long-running Rifter Magazine, including a flip-through review of Rifter issue #1. This magazine is full of all kinds of Palladium-focused gaming goodness. If you have yet to dive into this series, give us a listen to hear what you may be missing out on!

The Glitterbois #0018: Playing Palladium Games Online

If you’re wondering the best ways to play Palladium games online, this episode is for you. Our groups have been 100% online since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’ve built ourselves a right awesome setup. Listen as we talk about the various platforms we use, giving advice on additional tools and methods to make your online gaming as pleasant as possible. This is our longest episode yet, so get some snacks!

BDaB #0052: Cuts and Battle Jackets

In our first newly-recorded episode of 2021, we’re having a deep educational discussion about the uses and origins of both “Battle Jackets” and “Cuts” in Punk, Metal, Geek and Biker cultures. Join us to learn about the differences in styles and patch formats, and how not to get your ass kicked by a MC when wearing yours.

The Glitterbois #0016: What You Need to Get Started Playing

Have you ever found yourself asking “Where do I get started with Palladium? What books do I need to play Rifts? What tools and dice do I need?” If so, this episode is our answer to those questions, and a few more! Listen as we give advice on how to get started with Palladium Games (and Rifts especially), and lay out the bare minimum of required accessories. We also recommend a few additional books that can help you quickly expand your play.

The Glitterbois #0015: Mechanical Balance in Palladium Games

If you’ve heard anything at all about Palladium games, then you’ve most certainly heard complaints from folks about its supposed lack of “balance” in the various books. Well, we’re finally here to tackle that dreaded spectral ogre of argument, and give our own personal takes on the matter. What does “balance” actually mean, and how is it implemented in Palladium? And is that a good thing or bad thing? Opinions are always flying on this one, but give us a listen if you want to hear ours.

The Glitterbois #0014: The Enchanted F’ing Cauldron

Gather ’round, young’uns, and listen to an old-timer proclaim his deep and undying love for one of the most “metal” forms of magical power that Palladium Fantasy has to offer: the Enchanted F’ing Cauldron. NPC educates Matthew on the way we wizards had to get new spells back in the day, and how knowledge of that method changes one’s perception of the fundamentals of magic in Palladium’s various RPGs.