Regular Hosts

NPC (N. Phillip Cole)

The driving force behind the Breakfast Puppies, N. Phillip Cole (aka NPC) is an active podcaster, a passionate gamer of all types, and an avid motorcycle enthusiast. In addition to his work heading this project, he is also involved in game design and production via his game studio, Alliterated Games. His roles with the Breakfast Puppies include hosting, editing, producting, and all other manners of back-end management. He’s been a resident of Portland, OR for going on two decades now, and laments the loss of many of his favorite drinking establishments over the years.

Breakfast Puppies is of course named after NPC’s two most favorite things in the universe. If you can’t pick just one, why not have both?

NPC’s Appearances:

  • Main Host: Bikers Dice and Bars; The Glitterbois; Have Movies, Will Game
  • Hammersmith / DM: HAMMERCRAWL!

Just Jacob

Just Jacob is the Dirty Biker, Militant Moderate, Redneck Raconteur, and Co-Host of Bikers, Dice, & Bars podcast. He brings his history as a drink-slinger, geek culture organizer, and background as a third generation motorcyclist to the show. His roles include co-hosting, field reporting, technical & logistics support, and introducing his showmates to some of the worst fare to ever cross a bar counter for money. He’s a Minnesota transplant to Oregon for over a decade. When not on the show he can be found searching for new roadside taverns, turning a wrench on the garage or working on one of his many geek & booze focused side hustles.

Jacob’s Appearances:

  • Main Host: Bikers Dice and Bars
  • Recurring Guest: HAMMERCRAWL!; Have Movies, Will Game

Dr. Xander Gerrymander

Dr. Xander Gerrymander is a ne’er do well, a rapscallion, and a co-host of Bikers, Dice and Bars. He delivers horrible puns, copious amounts of alcohol and sometimes relevant topics to the show. When not mouthing off, he slings drinks for a living, and bikes a lot around town as his main mode of transportation because he is poor.

The good Doctor has been in Portland for over 14 years. In his off hours, he enjoys finding dive bars, traversing the country with his lovely mortician companion while exploring ghost towns and cemeteries, playing too many video games, and collecting vinyl and political buttons. Tom Waits’ music for some reason or another features into all his bar fights.

Xander’s Appearances:

  • Main Host: Bikers Dice and Bars
  • Regular Player: HAMMERCRAWL!

Poppy Beaujolais

Poppy Beaujolais is your local “WannaBe Wine Snob” here at Breakfast Puppies. Having a strong dislike for snobbery in all forms, she is on a mission to demystify and de-snob-a-fy wine. Poppy has been an avid wine lover since 2002 and continues to learn more about wine every month with her wine tasting club, ‘In Praise Of Bacchus’, in Portland, OR. She holds a degree in Performing arts from Colorado State University, as well as some other expensive pieces of paper she doesn’t like to talk about on the air.

Poppy’s Appearances:

  • Main Host: Bikers Dice and Bars
  • Regular Player: HAMMERCRAWL!

Matthew Gray

Matthew Gray is yet another bald white dude who wears a beard as a chin prosthesis. He owns a small, strangely charming stripclub in Portland Oregon, where he whiles away the precious moments of his life in drunken debauchery. In his copious spare time, he makes YouTube videos, custom builds gaming mini sets, and podcasts.

Matthew’s Appearances:

  • Main Host: The Glitterbois; Have Movies, Will Game

Dusty Eppers

Dusty Eppers, an avid movie watcher and lover of the smallest of film details since he was a wee-big lad, lives in the Portland-Metro area; you can catch him at the pub writing, or in the theater with friends, watching a movie. Aside from loving what’s on the big screen, great and horrible, he is an author having written a Sci-Fi murder mystery, along with a handful other books awaiting the great big, red, editing pen. Outside of movies and the written word, he’s a lover of photography, hiking, BBQ’s, old Detroit Muscle cars, and meandering through a good thrift store. He is currently working on another Sci-Fi escapade.

Dusty’s Appearances:

  • Main Host: Have Movies, Will Game