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The Glitterbois #0097: Why 1st Edition Fantasy is So Awesome

Welcome back friends! Today NPC is joined by retuirning guest host Just Jacob to talk more about Palladium’s metal-as-heck Fantasy RPG, focusing solely on what made the first edition rulebook so dang great. Matthew will be sitting things out for a while after a bad car accident. Jacob has agreed to join as interim host while Matthew recovers, and if you want to donate to Matthew’s recovery fund, please do so via the tip jar link further below.

The Glitterbois #0093: Rifts Sourcebook 2: The Mechanoids Review

The Mechanoids are back! ARCHIE-3 dun goofed and now our favorite villains from the Megaverse are invading Rifts Earth! That’s right, we’re looking at what I think may be the first big cross-over event in the Megaverse publication history: Rifts Sourcebook 2. Is this one as awesome as it sounds? Give us a listen, and then join us on Discord to share your thoughts!

The Glitterbois #0085: A Look at the Systems Failure RPG

Join us for a look into the innards of Palladium’s oft-forgotten Y2K-themed apocalypse game, Systems Failure. I can’t help but assume that if you are a Palladium fan, then you probably know of and even remember Y2K, but for those new to the concept, just know that the tech world collectively lost its shit in the late 1990s thanks to some short-sighted date formatting in the computers of Early Man. This game takes that to the next level!

The Glitterbois #0081: Rifts Sourcebook One (Revised) Review

Following on the theme of our last episode, this time we’re looking at the Revised edition of Rifts Sourcebook One. This one adds some delicious new game fodder to the mix, including factions and toys that bridge the connection with Palladium’s companion Chaos Earth RPG. Which version of the first Sourcebook is your favorite? Write us and let us know!

The Glitterbois #0080: Rifts Sourcebook (Original) Review

In this review episode, we take a look at the first ever expansion book for the original butts edition of Rifts. That’s right, it’s time for the Rifts Sourcebook, and everyone’s favorite joke-named psychopath, James T! This is the book where ARCHIE-3 really came into his full glory for the first time. It’s got adventure, it’s got new bad guys, it’s got new gear, and a whole lot more. For this episode we’re focusing on the original version – the revised edition is coming soon.

The Glitterbois #0074: Rifter #5 Review

Moving forward with our time capsule review of the long-running Rifter magazine, we now look at the contents of issue #5. This one’s got a little something for almost all the major Palladium systems save for Beyond the Supernatural. Give us a listen then drop by our Discord server to let us know your favorite parts of this issue!