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The Glitterbois #0151: Transdimensional TMNT

Our journey through the original TMNT & Other Strangeness RPG books continues with arguably the most awesome Palladium RPG product ever written: Transdimensional TMNT! This one’s been out of print for a good while now, but fortunately it’s coming back soon in a renewed combined edition thanks to the recent highly successful TMNT Redux Kickstarter. After listening, please drop by our Discord server to chat about your favorite time-and-dimension-hopping memories with the TMNT RPG!

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The Glitterbois #0145: Rifts World Book 8: Japan

After a bit of a break to bask in the glow of the awesomeness that is the return of Palladium’s TMNT license, we’re back to look at the next book in the Rifts World Books series: Japan! Oh man we have a lot to say on this one, so grab a snack and listen along. Then afterward, drop by our Discord server to chat about your favorite parts of this book!

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The Glitterbois #0123: Palladium Fantasy 4-5 Northern Wilderness Adventures

In recognition of this year being the 40th anniversary of the Palladium Fantasy RPG, we’re dedicating our next few episodes to taking a look at the rest of the original line-up of first edition fantasy world books. In this one we cover two of them at once, as books 4 and 5 were both slim enough and covered related content. Join us as we chat excitedly over how awesome the Northern Wilderness is, and then join us on Discord to share your own favorite gaming memories in this realm!

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