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The Glitterbois #0116: Rifter #9 Review

Our march through the Rifter series takes us to Rifter #9, which brings about the end of the TMNT license for Palladium Books. It was a sad event for the fans, and the article on that topic is worth reading. Join us for a look at this issue, and then head over to Discord to share your feelings on the game with us!

The Glitterbois #0111: Palladium Fantasy Book 3: Adventures on the High Seas

In this session we look at both editions of the third book in the “big three” first books of the amazing Palladium Fantasy RPG. We compare and contract the contents and offerings of both the 1st and 2nd edition versions of this book, for those of you interested in either edition. If you have memories of playing in the world this book details, join our discord and share them with us!

The Glitterbois #0109: Rifts World Book 7: Rifts Underseas

We’ve had a lot of demand for an episode on Rifts Underseas, and we’ve finally made it to its place in the long sequence of World Books. This one’s not high on our list of favorites, unfortunately, so be prepared for our less-than-glowing takes on its content. And please feel free to join us on Discord and share your own takes and experiences!

The Glitterbois #0107: Rifts World Book 6: South America

Chugging onward through the Rifts World Book series, we make it to possibly the coolest one yet: South America! There has always been a lot of conversation around this book and its contribution to the legendary “power creep” of the Rifts RPG. How does it hold up to the lens of hindsight? Give us a listen to find out, then drop by our Discord to share your thoughts!