Do you love violently plundering dungeons of their treasure, but tire of all that “surviving” and “actually living to see another day” crap that other games are full of? Do you long for a good old meat grinder like ol’ Pappy ran Way Back When(TM)? Do you find more joy in looting the bodies of your fallen companions than actually defeating monsters? Do you have a deep, passionate love for save-or-die traps like Murder Ceilings, Lava Parties, Guillotine Helmets, and Goblin Bombs? Well then my friend, HAMMERCRAWL! is just what you need!

HAMMERCRAWL! is a brutally hilarious dungeon crawl experience. In this Actual Play RPG podcast, your host and Dungeon Master N. Phillip Cole (aka NPC) guides a group of randomly-generated characters to their inevitable demise within a completely procedurally-generated dungeon of horrors and comedy. HAMMERCRAWL! uses a game system inspired by “classic” older games to make an experience both enjoyable by veterans and complete newbies alike. Everything involved is 100% spontaneous, using a collection of random generators to create a completely unique and unexpected dungeon romp. Join us for a pure meat grinder experience just like the days of yore, with stacks of nameless characters to burn through, and a rip roaring good time doing so. Stop by the Rusty Dagger Tavern, quaff your tankards of potent dwarven ale, and then sit around the table with us to Delve into the Depths of Doom-Damned Dungeons of Darkest Darkness.

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