BDaB Character Jam 11: Beyond the Wall

For this special new Character Jam, the BDaB crew tackles another of NPC’s favorite games, Beyond the Wall (and other adventures). This is a classic-inspired “retroclone” style adventure game, rooted in small-village tales such as Lloyd Alexander’s great Chronicles of Prydain. We have a blast making characters for this one, but beware! Many puns await within! Listen at your own peril!

BDaB #024: Rides of March, Gamestorm 2019, PDX Brewery Closures

Ho-lee Heck-balls, folks, we unexpectedly got a wee bit tanked on this episode, thanks first to over-strong pours of a mixed drink we’d never had before, and then doubly again due to DXG’s surprise addition of some soon-to-be-gone-forever Bridgeport beers. It’s a bit of a wild ride! We had a lot of fun with this one, and despite some meandering along tangents at times, it was a joyous occasion, and we hope you enjoy listening.

BDaB Character Jam 09: The Umerican Survival Guide

Time for another Character Jam! We haven’t done one of these in a while, so we’re excited to be back on the jam. This time around, following up on our previous Fallout-themed episode, we’re taking a drunken crack at making characters for the new-ish “Umerican Survival Guide” RPG, from Shield of Faith Studios. It’s pure gonzo post-apocalyptic mayhem in the style of Thundarr and Korgoth, with some awesomely gruesome references to modern tropes. Enjoy!

BDaB #020: Ghost Bikes, Keeping the Game Alive, Bar Fights

Hot damn, we made it twenty episodes! This time we’re celebrating with what is probably the beer most commonly brought to every house party in Portland, Full Sail Brewing Company’s “Session” lager! In our Bike Talk segment, we talk about the “ghost bike” phenomenon, and go over some unexpectedly interesting stats on cyclist deaths over the recent years. In our Game Talk segment, we talk about how to keep your game going and your group together through the schedule-destroying times of the late holiday season. In our Bar Talk segment, we talk about bar fights – how to avoid them and how to survive them.

BDaB #018: All About Accessibility

Welcome back to the show, folks. This episode is all about promoting Accessibility in our favorite hobbies! Poppy (your favorite local Wannabe Wine Snob) brings our drinks of the evening, which are both the White and Red Winemaker’s Cut wines from Copa di Vino, a winemaker we’ve mentioned before in previous episodes. In our Bike segment, we talk about a variety of options available to make motorbiking and bicycling more accessible to those with physical discomfort, limitations, and disabilities. We carry that subject forward into our Gaming segment, discussing a variety of approaches that modern game-makers have taken to make their games more accessible. And again in our Bars segment, we keep the conversation going, discussing how accessibility can inform your approach to getting a good drink in town, as well as the choices you make when working behind the bar.

BDaB Character Jam 08: The Nightmares Underneath

We’re back with another Character Jam episode! In each of these episodes, we record ourselves drunkenly attempting to make characters for a new role-playing game. This time we’re tackling one of my all-time favorite games, “The Nightmares Underneath” by Johnstone Metzger. It’s yet another “retro” style of game – we apparently do a lot of these because they’re pretty simple to go through as a bunch of drunks. Enjoy!

BDaB #015: The Last Mile, Last Turn, and Last Call

Yes, in this episode, we finally complain about E-Scooters, hooray! Once again we’ve brought Linsel along, more or less upgrading his prestige class to “Regular Host” on our show. Our drinks of the evening are a couple of delicious varieties of Linsel’s own “Switchel” recipe, brought to us in mason jars and mixed at the table with Louisiana’s own Bayou Rum. In our first segment, we talk about the concept of “the last mile” in traveling, and then relentlessly bitch about e-scooters. In our second segment, we discuss the “Last Turn” of board and video games, debating which games do them well, and which ones totally screw them up. In our third segment, we discuss the sanctity of “Last Call” at your favorite bar, and how not to fuck it up. We close with a short tale about Xander’s recent trip to his new favorite bar in the nation.

BDaB #014: Don’t Be “That Guy” (Labor Day 2018)

This episode is all about “That Guy” we all know and hate (and have likely been at one point ourselves), and how not to be That Guy. Be it riding like an asshole, being a crappy sport at the gaming table, or failing to compose yourself properly at a bar, we talk about many of the variants of That Guy in our mutual hobbies, and how to step back from the precipice when you find yourself about to become him.