The Glitterbois #0068: Other 90s RPGs that Inspired Us

Palladium’s role-playing games have always been – and probably will always still be – our biggest RPG loves. But at the same time we were really getting into them, there were a number of other 1990s-era RPGs which had a huge impact on our imaginations. In this episode, we’re taking an aside to talk about the biggest of those other games that also helped shape us into the tabletoppers that we are today.

The Glitterbois #0067: Rifts Wormwood Book Review

Now we dive into the line of spin-off “Dimension Books” for the Rifts Roleplaying game, starting with the official first of that line: Wormwood! Kicking the line off with a resounding crunch, Wormwood is an epic heavy metal, good vs evil, “hold a candle against the great dark tide” kind of campaign setting. There’s a lot here to talk about, so give us a listen and then let us know your favorite parts of this weird action horror game world!

The Glitterbois #0066: Palladiu-mon – Gotta Collect ’em All!

Let’s face it: we have a problem. It’s an addiction, and a fierce one. As long as our Palladium collection is incomplete, so are we. Need more! In this episode we talk about our growing collections of Palladium books, and the persistent bug that is the urge to keep growing them. How has the collecting bug hit you since the pandemic began? Join our discord and let us know!

The Glitterbois #0063: Vampire Kingdoms Review, Part 1 – Original Book

Continuing our talk about all things vampiric in the Palladium Megaverse, we’re now diving into the pages of the primo book on everyone’s favorite bloodsuckers in Rifts: the Vampire Kingdoms World Book. For this episode, we’re looking specifically at the original version of the book, and talking about all the things that made it awesome. In next week’s release we’ll continue the talk to cover the “revised” version of the same book, as well as the extended sourcebook material that came later.

The Glitterbois #0060: Dealing with FUTURETECH! …of the 1990s

In this more conversational episode, we muse over ways to reconcile the contrast between the expectations of technology in Rifts – which was written largely in the late 80s and early 90s – and our own understanding of the technology of our modern 21st century world. We discuss things like computers, communications, electronics, and more. What’s your preferred approach to this conundrum? Write us and let us know!