The Breakfast Puppies

The Breakfast Puppies are a group of mostly Pacific Northwest-area podcasting enthusiasts. We’ve been jamming on ideas for a few geek culture-themed podcasts, and are thrilled to finally begin to put our work out on the digital airwaves. Our mission is a simple one: “We aim to deliver quality geek-centric digital media, with a healthy mix of friendly irreverence, social awareness, and professional values.”

Our primary output is fun and digestible podcasting with a strong emphasis on maintaining professional production quality. We strive to both bring the comedy, while also sticking to relevant topics and occasionally pushing some proverbial buttons. Despite that, we promote positivity and diversity in our conversations and our community, and hold onto social values of love and awesomeness.

Our Shows

Our flagship show is the new Bikers, Dice, and Bars podcast, launched in March of 2018. It’s a show focused on the frequent overlap of three of our favorite personal topics: biker culture, geek hobbies, and dice bar appreciation.

Our second show, Have Movies, Will Game, is a round-table discussion of great movies and how we draw inspiration from them for our tabletop role-playing imaginations. This show was started prior to the launching of this venture, and as of Summer 2018 is fully produced by the Breakfast Puppies team.

Our third and newest show is the hilarious dungeon meat grinder, HAMMERCRAWL! In this actual play RPG podcast, we take a group of players and feed them to a horrible dungeon, with all components of play generated 100% randomly at the table.

Custom Design and Consultation

In addition to our own Podcasts, we are available for custom audio design and referrals, podcasting editing and consultation, and distribution advice. If you are interested in such topics, or even have a desire to join the Breakfast Puppies podcast crew, please Contact Us here. We’d love to hear from you, even if it’s just to say hello and give feedback on one of our shows!

Friends and Guests


We owe credit and thanks to the following:

The Breakfast Puppies logo and HAMMERCRAWL! logo were designed by Simon Young of Revel Rouser.

The Bikers, Dice, and Bars logo was designed by Alex Hakobian of Bloody Eye Games.

The theme song “Bikers, Dice, and Bars” was written and performed by Skip VonKuske.

The Breakfast Puppies intro stingers were voiced by the following contributors:

  • Poppy Beaujolais
  • Dr. Xander Gerrymander

The following attribution-licensed sound effects were used in our podcasts: