Dr Xander Gerrymander

Bikers Dice and Bars #081: Coffee Cocktails with Dave Robison

In this free form chat, we welcome as a guest Dave Robison, the Buttery Man Voice. Dave is a fascinating human with a vast array of activities attributed to him, including: Corpse Coffee (and associated webcomic), Archivos Story Organizer, various podcasts, and more. We talk about: Coffee cocktails, starting your own coffee company, the early days of podcasting, storytelling, audio fiction, and how to get involved with freelance voice acting. Thanks for joining us, Dave!

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Bikers Dice and Bars #077: Space Games

NPC’s been crazy-addicted to space-based video games lately, so in this episode (or intervention?) that’s what’s on the agenda. We talk about the major genres of space games, and some of the more popular ones along with others you might never have heard of. We mostly focus on video games in this one, but there’s a wee bit about tabletop as well. What are your faves? Stop by our Discord and let us know!

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