BDaB #048: Getting the Band Back Together / Xander for Mayor!

We’re getting the Band back together! And by that I mean that the Bikers Dice and Bars crew is finally starting the long-needed process of reassembling our podcast crew to record in-person again. After months of remote recording woes, we now have added safety measures to our studio to enable us to once again meet face to face, and joyfully record like we used to in The Before Times. Hooray!

BDaB #047: Summer 2020 Retrospective

In this episode we return to our “classic” three-part format, taking a look back at the better times of this otherwise awful Summer in the otherwise terrible year that has been 2020. In our first segment we talk about our favorite rides (or lack thereof) taken during this past Summer. In our second segment, we discuss the gaming and general nerdery we’ve accomplished while on COVID lockdown the past few months. And in our third segment, we look at how our drinking has changed, and the ways we have adapted to keep ourselves sane. Sanity is apparently a running theme these days, so y’all be sure to do your best to hold on as best you can!

BDaB Bonus: Virtual Tabletops (w/ Alex Hakobian)

With Poppy and Xander abset, this time around JJ and NPC take a break from the normal format to record a fun bonus discussion with our good friend Alex Hakobian, developer of the Broadsword RPG. Our focus tonight is on the appeal and availability of “virtual tabletops” (VTTs) for playing RPGs online. We talk about the big fish in the VTT pond, as well as a number of additional offline and alternate options.

BDaB Character Jam 15: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1st Ed)

FINALLY! We’ve had a lot of tech difficulties in the last month, resulting in two “lost” episodes and a whole new approach to the entire way we record. Hopefully things are worked out, so for now, here’s our latest new character jam! This time we try our hand at drunkenly making characters for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition. And spoilers: it does not go well, but it’s still hilarious through to the end.

BDaB #42: Dice, Cards, and Other Tools of the Tabletop

We talk about those cool physical game components that we all recognize as the iconic tools of tabletop role-playing. We talk about the tools as well as much of the common lexicon and “inside terms” that permeate modern games, so you too can sound like an expert in nerdy conversations. We also take a special look into Poppy’s home-made “Dice Guide” that she made to help her learn which dice were which when she started playing more RPGs.

BDaB Plays: Tales From the Loop, Part 2 – “Something Strange Going On Tonight”

Hello and well met, neighbor! The BDaB crew returns with the second episode of the new and ongoing Tales from the Loop RPG actual play campaign. In this story, a group of best friends middle schoolers investigate some oddities in their home town of Klamath Falls, OR, in a techno-nostalgic 1986 that never was. We’re using the adventures from the new Out of Time adventure sourcebook, and we welcome listeners to follow along with us while we play. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, go out and get a bottle of our drink of the evening, and sip along in spirit!