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Join us for a fun thought experiment, in which we take the characters from Marvel’s Avengers (primarily the MCU versions) and use them as root inspirations for a similarly-focused adventurer team in the Rifts role-playing game. We are very specifically _not_ just re-creating them in the system, but instead looking through the Rifts catalog for options to create characters using those heroes as thematic templates. Included is a deeper discussion on how the seeming lack of balance in the game can actually work in the story at your table just as well as it would an Avengers movie.

The Mechanoids are back! ARCHIE-3 dun goofed and now our favorite villains from the Megaverse are invading Rifts Earth! That’s right, we’re looking at what I think may be the first big cross-over event in the Megaverse publication history: Rifts Sourcebook 2. Is this one as awesome as it sounds? Give us a listen, and then join us on Discord to share your thoughts!

NPC’s been crazy-addicted to space-based video games lately, so in this episode (or intervention?) that’s what’s on the agenda. We talk about the major genres of space games, and some of the more popular ones along with others you might never have heard of. We mostly focus on video games in this one, but there’s a wee bit about tabletop as well. What are your faves? Stop by our Discord and let us know!

What began as our “February Book Club” is now wrapped up in this episode (totally released on time thanks to the magical science of imaginative revisionist history!). If you haven’t read this book yet, but you plan to, don’t listen to this episode yet! If you have, or you are not planning to, give us a listen and then post your own comments in our Discord. And thanks for joining the fun!

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