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The Breakfast Puppies

Our mission is a simple one: “We aim to deliver quality geek-centric digital media, with a healthy mix of friendly irreverence, social awareness, and professional values.”

Our primary output is fun and digestible podcasting with a strong emphasis on maintaining professional production quality. We strive to both bring the comedy, while also sticking to relevant topics and occasionally pushing some proverbial buttons. Despite that, we promote positivity and diversity in our conversations and our community, and hold onto social values of love and awesomeness.

In addition to our own Podcasts, we are available for custom audio work, podcast editing and consultation, and distribution advice. If you are interested in such topics, or even have a desire to join the Breakfast Puppies podcast crew, please Contact Us here.

Latest Updates and Releases

In recognition of this year being the 40th anniversary of the Palladium Fantasy RPG, we’re dedicating our next few episodes to taking a look at the rest of the original line-up of first edition fantasy world books. In this one we cover two of them at once, as books 4 and 5 were both slim enough and covered related content. Join us as we chat excitedly over how awesome the Northern Wilderness is, and then join us on Discord to share your own favorite gaming memories in this realm!

In response to another listener request, we spend this episode talking about our personal favorite OCCs in Rifts and a few other Palladium properties as well. This is probably a topic we will revisit multiple times down the line as we do this show, re-reading the hundreds of books we have still yet to even mention, let alone review. Thanks for the topic suggestion, friends!

In this free form chat, we welcome as a guest Dave Robison, the Buttery Man Voice. Dave is a fascinating human with a vast array of activities attributed to him, including: Corpse Coffee (and associated webcomic), Archivos Story Organizer, various podcasts, and more. We talk about: Coffee cocktails, starting your own coffee company, the early days of podcasting, storytelling, audio fiction, and how to get involved with freelance voice acting. Thanks for joining us, Dave!

We’re back from a life break to release more fun discussion on Palladium’s gmaes, yay! This time we’re looking at the first and only (for a long time) third-party licensed Rifts book, the Manhunter RPG, from Myrmidon Press. This sleeper and oft-forgotten title from the early 90s somehow managed to completely blow our minds. Give this a listen and then stop by our Discord to share your thoughts on it!

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