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A very happy new year to everyone! We wanted to kick this year off with a hefty dose of positivity. To accomplish this, we wanted to finally spend an episode acknowledging the awesome podcast reviews that we have received so far, and thank everyone for leaving such kind words about us. We are also finally ready to launch and announce a brand new Ko-Fi page, to hopefully help us pay some of the production costs. Thanks for all your kindness and support, folks!

In today’s discussion episode, we gnash our teeth over the growing trend of “homogenization” of once-great “Friendly Local Game Shops” (FLGS). By this we mean the trend of on-shelf RPG selections dwindling to scant pale shadows of their former glory, simultaneous with their previous varieties trimmed down to just 5E, Pathfinder, maybe Warhammer (if we’re lucky), and 50 variants of Kids on Bikes. In this era were Magic and 5E are the law of the land, we old-timers must find our glimmers of gaming goodness on the dark corners of the internet, such as this one.

Today we’re excited to be joined by Sean Owen Roberson, the new creative director at Palladium Books! Sean’s here to answer all our questions about the brand new Titan Robotics Kickstarter (10 days left at the time of this release!), as well as a few about the future of Palladium Books and the current state of the RPG industry. It’s an exciting time to be a Palladium fan! Head over to the kickstarter to help make the books a reality, and then drop by our Discord to share your excitement with us.

In this session we look at both editions of the third book in the “big three” first books of the amazing Palladium Fantasy RPG. We compare and contract the contents and offerings of both the 1st and 2nd edition versions of this book, for those of you interested in either edition. If you have memories of playing in the world this book details, join our discord and share them with us!

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