BDaB #033: The Worsts

Happy Fall, and welcome to another episode of Bikers, Dice, and Bars! This episode kicks off what I’m calling “Season 3” with a new, more open approach to our format. Many times before, when recording prior episodes, we kept getting hit with the feeling that we didn’t have enough time to go over each topic in the allotted time slots of our base format. In this new season, we’re aiming to try and fix that by taking a slightly more free-form approach to picking our topics, giving us more room to really get into them and enjoy some conversational momentum.

BDaB #029: Getting into Bikes, Getting into Character, Finding a New Local

For this session we welcome Zach Barcus from Slap Dash Studios as our guest. Zach joins us to drink a decent sub-$20 bourbon and follow it with a round of “cheap beer taste-off” contest. In our Bike Talk segment, Just Jacob educates us on the basics of getting into cycling and motorbiking as a total noob to the hobby. In our Game Talk segment, Zach details his personal methods for getting into character for a role-playing session. And in our Bar Talk segment, Dr. Gerrymander leads a conversation on the various pitfalls of finding a new Local bar after a big move.

BDaB #001: Bikes & Beginnings

It’s our first episode and we’re thrilled to be here! We open with our first drink of the series, the solid dive bar classic of a Jack and Beer Back. After that we move to talking about the bikes we ride and the bikes we’ve lost, how we met, and the games that started our nerdly hobbies. Wrapping up the episode is a conversation of our first drinks, and notes on our continued excitement for the sessions to follow.