Bikers Dice & Bars

Bikers Dice and Bars #077: Space Games

NPC’s been crazy-addicted to space-based video games lately, so in this episode (or intervention?) that’s what’s on the agenda. We talk about the major genres of space games, and some of the more popular ones along with others you might never have heard of. We mostly focus on video games in this one, but there’s a wee bit about tabletop as well. What are your faves? Stop by our Discord and let us know!

Bikers Dice and Bars #073: Gaming with ADHD

Today we’re talking about SQUIRRELS. Okay not really, but sorta maybe? We’re talking about what it’s like being a gamer with ADHD, and how it impacts our ability to play our favorite games with our favorite peoples. Half of our crew has this affliction, and we share our own stories[…]

Bikers Dice and Bars #071: Drinking Tips for Old Farts Who Don’t Want to Hate Life

We all get older, it’s a sad fact of life. While there are many benefits to gaining one’s advanced years, one of the unfortunate drawbacks is the reduced ability to enjoy a night out drinking with the crew. In this week’s discussion, we talk about a variety of ways that you can continue to enjoy your alcohol without feeling terrible the next day.