BDaB #030: The Black Dahlia, Toys for Tots, Eulogy for Bottles

Welcome back for episode 30 of Bikers, Dice, and Bars! This time we brought on our good friend Larry Reading, former proprietor of our favorite now-departed neighborhood local. In our Bike Talk, Xander updates us on his progress beautifying his brand new scooter, which he has christened “the Black Dahlia.” In our nerd talk, Larry teaches us about the history of the charitable Toys for Tots organization, and how to get involved. In our Bar talk, Larry joins us to give a proper eulogy to the recently-departed local, Bottles on Fremont (RIP, Bottles). All the while, we drink delicious and cooling Gin and Tonics, perfect for the current wave of hot summer weather.

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As always: Rubber Side Down, May your Dice ever roll Crits, Always Drink Responsibly, and Remember to Tip your Bartender (and your dancers and performers)!

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Timestamps (We support chapters!):

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:34 Welcome
  • 03:11 Bike Talk
  • 16:09 Game Talk
  • 29:31 Bar Talk
  • 45:07 Last Call
  • 51:19 Outro
  • 51:54 Bonus

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