BDaB #057: Funky Dice

This time we’re turning back towards the Geek Side with a discussion about the various types of “funky” and weird dice out there, and why you would use them. This includes things like the weird-sided DCC dice, the plus-and-minus “fudge” dice, the proprietary Star Wars dice, and more!

BDaB #056: Lane Splitting

Welcome back friends and listeners! This time we’re talking about the hot topic of “lane splitting” on motorcycles. There is currently a new bill in the Oregon Senate pushing to make it legal here, so it’s a good idea to take some time and define what exactly it means, should it pass.

BDaB #055: Drinking Songs

Sing along with us, our fine friends, as we belt our a few of our favorite drinking ditties, and talk about the history of drinking songs – and their differences. Also stick around at the end for our brand new Bikers Dice and Bars sea shanty reveal!

BDaB #054: Madeira, 1981, and Poppy’s BDay

In this very special episode of BDaB, we get roaring drunk and celebrate Poppy’s upcoming 40th birthday with a deep look into all of the games, bikes, and drinks that were popular back in 1981. This includes opening a bottle of a 1981 D’Oliveira Madeira, purchased special for this occasion!

BDaB #053: Drinking Games

We’re here to talk about our favorite Drinking games! You know the kind, those games primarily designed to get you drunk as a result of silly failures in play or events. Join us to listen to ours, and then write us to tell us YOUR favorites!

BDaB #0052: Cuts and Battle Jackets

In our first newly-recorded episode of 2021, we’re having a deep educational discussion about the uses and origins of both “Battle Jackets” and “Cuts” in Punk, Metal, Geek and Biker cultures. Join us to learn about the differences in styles and patch formats, and how not to get your ass kicked by a MC when wearing yours.

BDaB Plays: Mothership, Part 1 – Nightmare Eulogy

Welcome back, dear listeners! This episode kicks off a new series of actual play featuring the excellent indie sci-fi horror RPG, Mothership. These sessions were initially recorded at the very beginning of 2020, but due to the chaos from the onset of the COVID-19 quarantine in the US, NPC was unable to get around to editing them until the end of the year. I don’t want to spoil the surprises of the session, so go on and give it a listen!

BDaB #051: All Geared Up with Nowhere to Ride

This is another part of the big “2020 Close-out!” backlog rush, and as such the notes here are at a minimum.

In this episode, we discuss the new issue that some of us are facing, which is: getting all geared up for a winter ride, but everywhere now is closed thanks to the plague. Where do we go now? Listen, and find out.