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BDaB #001: Bikes & Beginnings

It’s our first episode of a brand new creative endeavor, and we’re thrilled to be here! We open with our first drink of the series, the solid dive bar classic of a Jack and Beer Back. After that we move to talking about the bikes we ride and the bikes we’ve lost, how we met, and the games that started our nerdly hobbies. Wrapping up the episode is a conversation of our first drinks, and notes on our continued excitement for the sessions to follow.

Drop us a line! You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram as “Breakfastpuppy” or email us as either NPC, Justjacob, or DrXanderGerrymander at Breakfastpuppies dot com! We have a Discord Channel, Facebook Page, and Google Plus Community, too! And let us know your thoughts by leaving a review on iTunes! As always: Rubber Side Down, May your Dice ever roll Crits, Always Drink Responsibly, and Remember to Tip your Bartender!

  • Hosts: NPC, Just Jacob, and Dr. Xander Gerrymander
  • Theme Song: “Bikers, Dice, and Bars” by Skip VonKuske
  • Drink of the Evening: Jack Daniels and an Old German back
  • Final Thoughts: Pour one out for the bikes you’ve loved and lost tonight, folks


  • 00:00:00 Intro
  • 00:05:36 Bike Talk
  • 00:32:08 Game Talk
  • 00:51:38 Bar Talk
  • 01:14:54 Wrap
  • 01:17:41 Outro