The Glitterbois #0069: A Look at the Splicers RPG

Responding to a request from our listener “jonesy” we are taking a deep look at a somewhat more obscure title from Palladium: the Splicers Role-Playing Game. In this Cronenberg-meets-Akira-meets-Gore-Police body horror setting, bio-organic supermen fight a losing war against a world-dominating Robot AI bent on extermination of the entire human race. Give us a listen, and then drop by on Discord and talk with us about your favorite Splicers game stories!

One post-recording correction: We’ve just learned that there was another Splicers book in the form of an Adventure Sourcebook. Awesome!

Also, in this and the following few episodes, I realized too late after the fact that my headphone cable was tapping against the mic stand and causing a really tiny but somewhat annoying sound. I’ve cut it out in most places, but it still comes through sometimes when I’m talking. I’ve since fix the issue, so after this batch it will sound a lot better, but for now I apologize if there is an annoying click in there.

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