The Glitterbois #0139: OCC Spotlight on the Mystic (Rifts)

Today we’re talking about the Glory Days of Butts! Oh wait, no, we’re actually just talking about another – you know it – “iconic” core OCC from Rifts, the Mystic. The mystic is a simple but fun class that blends magic and psionics together into a kitchen sink kind of caster, which fits pretty solidly in a kitchen sink kind of setting like Rifts. What was your favorite Mystic character? Drop by our Discord and share!

The Glitterbois #0138: Effective Character Backstories

Hey look at us, we are 138! Now that that is stuck in your head, in this episode we discuss the development of good character backstories in RPGs (and especially in Palladium). There are some dos and don’ts to go over, so give us a listen and then join our Discord to share your own takes on the topic of story-building!

The Glitterbois #0136: Effective Character Sheeting in Palladium Games

Today we’re talking about a crucial part of all role-playing games: effectively recording your character’s numbers and details. Long-time readers and players of Palladium games are probably very familiar with the mega-dense official character sheets that appear in many of their books, and there are a few really awesome fan-made sheets out there as well. What are your favorite sheets and/or methods? Drop by Discord and share!