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BDaB Patron Exclusive #1: Tales from the Loop Campaign Session Zero!

Back when JJ, DXG, and I started this variety show project, one of the ideas that we had for filling time after recording an episode was to keep drinking while trying to make characters for the many different RPGs sitting on my gaming shelf. We called these “Character Jams” and they started pretty early on in our show. While we’ve had a blast each time we’ve recorded one of these Jams, and occasionally joked about how fun a campaign with the characters would be, we never had actual intentions of taking them any further than the char-gen process. After all, there are so many games to jam on, and we wanna get to all of them someday, right?

Ever since we started getting real actual listeners (including you, Greg), we’ve received a pretty strong praise in the form of almost non-stop “Dude you need to plan one of those out for real!” messages, emails, and awkward confrontations at house parties and game stores. And of all the games we’ve Jammed so far, by far the most strongly-requested one was Tales from the Loop, which we featured on our third Character Jam episode.

Well friends, we heard you. We are thrilled to announce that we have finally begun recording an extended play of Tales from the Loop! In order to make the experience more engaging, we decided to do a fresh start on the characters, and bring in some more voices. This time around, we are joined by two of our good friends, Scott Hazle (who you can hear on the current HAMMERCRAWL! podcast storyline) and Nievita, one of the hosts of the Ravin’ Girls Podcast. We recorded the brand new “Session Zero” of the adventure, and are releasing the whole thing as our first patron-exclusive content over on our Patreon page. For this special release we decided to keep the edits to an extreme minimum, wanting to capture the entire flow of the jam session. The result is two and a half hours of awesome brain-storming and character creation for what is shaping up to be a most excellent campaign.

This extended jam is being released exclusively to our supporters. We’ll be releasing the first actual play episode on the public feed in the coming weeks, but this one’s just for our awesome patrons. Thanks for your contributions to helping us pay the bills! Stay tuned for more awesome Tales from the Loop excitement to follow! –NPC

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  • Hosts: NPC, Just Jacob, Dr. Xander Gerrymander, Scott Hazle, and Nievita
  • Theme Song: “Bikers, Dice, and Bars” by Skip VonKuske
  • Drink of the Evening: McMenamin’s White Rabbit White Wine
  • Final Thoughts: I got it bad, bad, bad…

Running Time: 02:21:19

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