HAMMERCRAWL! Dungeon Full of Monsters Part 1: That Garlic-Flesh Smell

Welcome to the beginning of a whole new adventure on the HAMMERCRAWL! comedic dungeon crawl podcast! As always, every aspect of our play is randomly generated via a mix of random tables, inspirational cards, and pure unfiltered improvisation. This time, however, we’re changing things up a bit by taking a stab at an actual published dungeon: the excellent DUNGEON FULL OF MONSTERS by Johnstone Metzger! This dungeon is a perfect component for HAMMERCRAWL!-style gaming, as the entire structure and flow of it is driven by its own random tables, right down to how the very dungeon rooms are assembled.

Starting with this episode we’re also switching to a full-session release format. This means each episode will encapsulate an entire play session, resulting in longer episodes that listeners can digest at their own leisure. The files are a tad longer, and the releases will be spaced out by a couple of weeks as a result.

Anyway, we have an excellent cast of players once again, and hope you enjoy listening to our chaotic adventures as much as we enjoyed rolling them!

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  • Players: Lady Coquine as “Pepper Graveworm,” Scott as “Roland Cockfinger,” The Mad Marquis as “Arthictor,” Kylee as “Inky Kowalski”
  • Group Name: The Crimson Thorns
  • Dungeon: Skull Mountain (The Dungeon Full of Monsters)
  • Theme Song: “Chain Lightning” by Gygax
  • Additional Music by: Erang – Featured song A Majestic Shadow
  • Game Rules: Available for free on Github!
  • Daily Wisdom: With a shovel and a dwarf, you pretty much know where you are at any time.

Episode Length: 02:33:43 (we support Chapter Marks!)

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