HAMMERCRAWL! Dungeon Full of Monsters Part 2: Two Mollusks and a Dwarf

Our special new extended campaign continues with its second session, here on the HAMMERCRAWL! comedic dungeon crawl podcast! While our process is usually 100% generated on the fly through a mix of improv and quick-draw cards, for this campaign we’re using the wonderful DUNGEON FULL OF MONSTERS (by Johnstone Metzger) as the underlying dungeon into which our probably-doomed adventurers are delving. Will Spandrel’s will bring order to this chaotic cesspit of evil? Will anyone manage to escape with their limbs intact? Tune in and find out!

HAMMERCRAWL! Dungeon Full of Monsters Part 1: That Garlic-Flesh Smell

Welcome to the beginning of a whole new adventure on the HAMMERCRAWL! comedic dungeon crawl podcast! As always, every aspect of our play is randomly generated via a mix of random tables, inspirational cards, and pure unfiltered improvisation. This time, however, we’re changing things up a bit by taking a stab at an actual published dungeon: the excellent DUNGEON FULL OF MONSTERS by Johnstone Metzger! This dungeon is a perfect component for HAMMERCRAWL!-style gaming, as the entire structure and flow of it is driven by its own random tables, right down to how the very dungeon rooms are assembled.

HAMMERCRAWL! Wagoncrawl 2019, Part 2: Two Halflings, a Wizard, and a Clown

The super-awesome 2019 WAGONCRAWL! live adventure continues with this second episode! Recorded on stage at Wagoncon 2019 in The Dalles, Oregon. Will Lady Deathfinger’s replacement bring a better round of luck to Scooper’s Bears as they venture deeper into THE SECRET CHAMBERS OF EVIL? Listen in and find out on this next episode of THE WAGONCRAWL! (ominous music)

HAMMERCRAWL! Wagoncrawl 2019, Part 1: Lady Deathfinger Does Not Do Gross

AT LONG LAST, WE RETURN! Sorry for the long wait, folks! The Breakfast Puppies setup has recently undergone a complete studio move and upgrade, which has taken a lot more work than initially planned. But after a break for the convention season, we’re back to regular releases of HAMMERCRAWL! This time we bring you the first of the new WAGONCRAWL! adventures, recorded live on stage at Wagoncon 2019, right here in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. We had an awesome turnout of folks ready to cycle through the meatgrinder, scoring us a good handful of episodes to roll out for your listening enjoyment.

HAMMERCRAWL! The Wolves of Zaramund! Part 15: Butt Touching

In the newest episode of the ongoing saga of THE WOLVES OF ZARAMUND, our crew gets up close and personal with some very angry tentacles in THE PIT OF TENEBROUS WORMS, in a very unpleasant way. No, not that way. Stop that. Don’t be gross. It’s another exciting and hilarious episode of HAMMERCRAWL, the procedurally-generated dungeon crawl podcast!

HAMMERCRAWL! The Wolves of Zaramund! Part 14: I HATE CUBES!

It’s time for another exciting episode of HAMMERCRAWL, the procedurally-generated comedic dungeon crawl podcast! Picking up where we left off, the WOLVES OF ZARAMUND move ever-so-slightly forward on their first venture into THE PIT OF TENEBROUS WORMS. Having dealt with the slimy guardian of the first chamber, Dom makes up their mind on the nature of gelatinous cubes. The rest of the party makes important discovers on methods of dental hygiene while dungeon crawling.