BDaB #049: Horrible Life Choices with MD 2020

Listen closely, dear Listener, to this deep cautionary tale of poor decisions and destroyed souls. The BDaB crew finally (!) delivers on its long-mentioned promise of guiding you through a taste sampler review of all the flavors of MD “Mad Dog” 2020 wine that we could acquire. Why would we inflict this torture upon ourselves? For comedy and science, of course. We drink the Mad Dog, so you don’t have to. Don’t know what Mad Dog is? Give us a listen and you will very quickly find out!

ALSO! With the return of everyone back to the studio once more, I’m officially declaring this episode to be the beginning of Season 5 of the Podcast. Yes, you are correct, there were only to date three seasons, at least as of the launch of this episode. This is because I didn’t have the foresight to tag the last few months as Season 4: The COVID Stretch. I shall be retro-actively doing this shortly!

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As always: Rubber Side Down, May your Dice ever roll Crits, Always Drink Responsibly, and Remember to Tip your Bartender (and your dancers and performers)!


  • Hosts: NPC, Just Jacob, Dr. Xander Gerrymander, and Poppy Beaujolais
  • Theme Song: “Bikers, Dice, and Bars” by Skip VonKuske
  • Drink of the Evening: A series of six increasingly soul-crushing flavors of MD 2020 so-called “wine”
  • Final Thoughts: MD 2020, now in a special new “Crime Scene” flavor

Timestamps (We support chapters!):

  • 00:00:00 Intro
  • 00:00:43 Welcome
  • 00:31:10 We Broke Xander
  • 01:00:25 Outro

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