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HAMMERCRAWL! Dungeon Full of Monsters Part 2: Two Mollusks and a Dwarf

Our special new extended campaign continues with its second session, here on the HAMMERCRAWL! comedic dungeon crawl podcast! While our process is usually 100% generated on the fly through a mix of improv and quick-draw cards, for this campaign we’re using the wonderful DUNGEON FULL OF MONSTERS (by Johnstone Metzger) as the underlying dungeon into which our probably-doomed adventurers are delving. Will Spandrel’s will bring order to this chaotic cesspit of evil? Will anyone manage to escape with their limbs intact? Tune in and find out!

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  • Players: Lady Coquine as “Pepper Graveworm,” Scott as “Roland Cockfinger,” The Mad Marquis as “Arthictor,” Kylee as “Inky Kowalski”
  • Group Name: The Crimson Thorns
  • Dungeon: Skull Mountain (The Dungeon Full of Monsters)
  • Theme Song: “Chain Lightning” by Gygax
  • Additional Music by: Erang – Featured song A Majestic Shadow
  • Game Rules: Available for free on Github!
  • Daily Wisdom: When confronted with a pool of shimmering dungeon LSD, you drink that shit.

Episode Length: 02:37:17 (we support Chapter Marks!)

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