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HAMMERCRAWL! The Wolves of Zaramund! Part 6: This Field of Viscera

High fives all around, it’s the Wolves of Zaramund! In our sixth episode of their first adventure, they continue further into the dungeon, encountering wandering monsters, hippy drum circles, and more!

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  • Players: Lady Coquine as “Delphine the Delver,” Rachel Kelly as “Mauwin Meunster,” April as “Seraphina Labia,” and Poppy Beaujolais as “Trippy McCork”
  • Group Name: The Wolves of Zaramund
  • Dungeon: The Black Lair of the Vampire Count
  • Theme Song: “Chain Lightning” by Gygax
  • Additional Music by: Erang – Featured song A Warm Coffin Made of Snow
  • Game Rules: Available for free on Github!
  • Daily Wisdom: Resist Cold is not so much a spell as it is… a Coat

Episode Length: 32:52 (we support Chapter Marks!):

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