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BDaB #006: Bike Lanes, Loot Crates, and Dead Dive Bars

Hello everyone and welcome back. Just a heads up that there’s a super wee slight bit of voice crackle in the middle segment of this episode, due to a dying cable on the back end that we didn’t catch until we took a break. We were able to salvage the recording well enough, and hopefully it isn’t too awful! The naughty cable was quickly punished, and has since been replaced.

We open with our drink of the evening: Xander’s personal recipe for “The Desert Storm” cocktail, featuring Arak, orange juice, and grenadine. We then fire off our discussions with a pretty passionate conversation about greenways, bike lanes, those confusing “green boxes” around town, and the outright lies that are “Bike-Friendly!” living developments in the infrastructurally-corrupt city of Portland. Hashtag #fuckPBoT! In our nerd-talk segment we discuss the controversy behind “loot crates” in video games. In our bar-talk segment we lament the loss of good bars, and share stories of some of those we miss the most. We close out with some personal talk about the road we’ve traveled thus far with our podcast, and our feelings toward the future.

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  • Hosts: NPC, Just Jacob, and Dr. Xander Gerrymander
  • Theme Song: “Bikers, Dice, and Bars” by Skip VonKuske
  • Drink of the Evening: Desert Storm (Oregon Arak from Bull Run Distilling, orange juice, pineapple splash, pomegranate grenadine)
  • Xander’s Referenced Verge Article: Here
  • Final Thoughts: Six episodes and some change, and we’re having a blast. We hope you stick around for all the more awesome things to come!


  • 00:00:00 Intro
  • 00:00:34 Welcome
  • 00:04:58 Bike Talk
  • 00:24:57 Game Talk
  • 00:46:40 Bar Talk
  • 01:06:13 Last Call
  • 01:17:13 Outro
  • 01:17:48 BONUS