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BDaB Plays: Mothership, Part 1 – Nightmare Eulogy

Welcome back, dear listeners! This episode kicks off a new series of actual play featuring the excellent indie sci-fi horror RPG, Mothership. These sessions were initially recorded at the very beginning of 2020, but due to the chaos from the onset of the COVID-19 quarantine in the US, NPC was unable to get around to editing them until the end of the year. I don’t want to spoil the surprises of the session, so go on and give it a listen!

As a tech note, an unfortunate recording goof resulted in a loss of a small amount of the first session, which we discovered almost immediately afterward. At the beginning of the second session we add an opening re-cap of some of the things that were covered, which I went ahead and moved forward into this file, in order to make the first episode more complete.

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As always: Rubber Side Down, May your Dice ever roll Crits, Always Drink Responsibly, and Remember to Tip your Bartender (and your dancers and performers)!

Player List:

  • Poppy Beaujolais playing “Mads the Bounty Hunter”
  • Eleanor playing “Tulip the Android”
  • Just Jacob playing “Donny O’Toole the Engineer”
  • Dr. Xander Gerrymander playing “Rexor Slate the Bounty Hunter”
  • Alan Edwards playing “Jolly the Roger, the Ex-Con”
  • NPC as the Warden

Links of Note:


  • Theme Song: “Bikers, Dice, and Bars” by Skip VonKuske

Running Time (We support chapters!): 01:45:59

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