HAMMERCRAWL! Gamestorm 2019, Part 3: Feelings are Healthy

The Gamestorm 2019 live event recording now concludes in the third and final part of this saga. This three-parter was recorded at the Gamestorm convention this past March, right here in Portland, Oregon. As with all of our convention and one-shot gaming events, this game was played “hot seat” style, with new players rotating in every time a party member died in the dungeon. It’s always a roaring good time, and this event was no exception! So we hope you enjoy yet another delve into the randomly-generated insanity of HAMMERCRAWL!

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  • Players: Sara McNaughton as “Belinda Carbuckle”, Aaron Bowman as “Alousicious Wrinklesnort Esq. III”, Matt Buckley as “Missy”, Rodney as “Bellatronixx the Magna-Focused”, Tom as “Odell Lourapple”, Paula as “All Might”, Brandon as “Honko the Glorious”, Dan as “Shanghai Sally”, and Tyson as “Helga Cruciform”
  • Group Name: The Fangs of Hodeitsir
  • Dungeon: The Dungeon of Democratic Necromancy
  • Theme Song: “Chain Lightning” by Gygax
  • Additional Music by: Erang – Featured song A Majestic Shadow
  • Game Rules: Available for free on Github!
  • Daily Wisdom: When both of the berzerkers in your party get that red-eyed stare, it’s time to run far, far away…

Episode Length: 30:07 (we support Chapter Marks!)

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