HAMMERCRAWL! Episode 3: The WAGONCRAWL! (Part Three)

Welcome back, Adventurers! What you’re about to listen to is a 100% randomly generated-on-the-fly comedic role-playing session, actual play featuring actual convention attendees who signed up for the event on the spot. The game mechanics are a system of my own design, initially derived from the simplicity of the ol’ Rules Cyclopedia and modified heavily to allow fast pick-up-and-play from both veteran and newbie gamers alike. It’s very much a classic meat grinder experience, and quite intentionally ridiculous.

This episode is the third and final of three dungeon parties from an absolutely amazing live-audience session at the recent Wagoncon 2018 event in The Dalles, OR. Once more, a new party of unseasoned adventurers test their wits and luck against the horrors of THE WAGONCRAWL. Listen to see how far they make it!

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  • Players: Zack Walton as “Shahasala the Sane-ish,” Brandon Pence as “Skippy von McHaggis,” Alex Leach as “Professor Pixie,” James Bond as “Bob the Magic Man,” Dusty Eppers as “Olgar Hammerface”
  • Group Name: The Swords of Uchan
  • Dungeon: The Temple of Terrible Annihilation
  • Theme Song: “Chain Lightning” by Gygax
  • Additional Music by: Erang
  • Game Rules: Available for free on Github!
  • Daily Wisdom: When all else fails you, throw a severed wizard foot at the ooze to get past it.

Timestamps of Note (we support Chapters!):

  • 00:00 Theme Song
  • 00:51 Intro
  • 01:50 Welcome!
  • 02:17 Party Introductions
  • 05:16 They have rope!
  • 06:15 Everybody Loves John
  • 07:59 Enter the Temple
  • 15:32 Why not pole vault?
  • 20:38 Welcome Dusty!
  • 32:05 Attack the Darkness
  • 50:16 Outro
  • 51:45 Lesson of the Day

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