The Glitterbois #0085: A Look at the Systems Failure RPG

Join us for a look into the innards of Palladium’s oft-forgotten Y2K-themed apocalypse game, Systems Failure. I can’t help but assume that if you are a Palladium fan, then you probably know of and even remember Y2K, but for those new to the concept, just know that the tech world collectively lost its shit in the late 1990s thanks to some short-sighted date formatting in the computers of Early Man. This game takes that to the next level!

The Glitterbois #0084: Spotlight on Captain Gloval, and a New Book Club

In our newest Character Spotlight, we’re turning the shine to Captain Henry J. Gloval, commander of the great SDF-1 from the epic animated series Robotech. We also talk about starting our brand new (monthly?) book club! We’re kicking things off with Robotech: Genesis by Jack McKinney, which we’ve mentioned many times before on this podcast. Link is in the notes, so grab a copy and read along with us if you want to join in!

The Glitterbois #0083: Real Life and Gaming

After a comedy of errors involving terrible internet service providers, we have finally found opportunities to record again in the new year. So welcome back to the Glitterbois! And thanks for a fantastic and loving first year of our show. It’s time to continue with one that has been on our thought board for a while now, and given recent times it’s even more relevant than ever. That would be: Real Life (and more importantly old age) and how it interferes with our gaming hobby. Give us a listen, then join us on Discord to share your own tales and tips on the matter.

Bikers Dice and Bars #066: Tales from the Rail

Xander and Jacob regale us with a handful of their more lascivious and ridiculous bartending stories. This is our first foray into this topic, and they’ve got plenty more where those came from, so if you want to hear more, let us know! All the whole Poppy forces us to suffer through a series of increasingly disgusting seasonal seltzers from Budweiser.

The Glitterbois #0082: OCC Spotlight on the NEMA Soldier

We’re taking another look at the Chaos Earth campaign setting this time, and shining a spotlight on one of the more versatile Rifts classes out there: the NEMA Soldier. This class is a fantastic working template for ideas that you can apply to just about any other basic military character in the Megaverse. What are your favorite NEMA Soldier memories? Join our community and let us know!