BDaB #053: Drinking Games

We’re here to talk about our favorite Drinking games! You know the kind, those games primarily designed to get you drunk as a result of silly failures in play or events. Join us to listen to ours, and then write us to tell us YOUR favorites!

The Glitterbois #0018: Playing Palladium Games Online

If you’re wondering the best ways to play Palladium games online, this episode is for you. Our groups have been 100% online since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’ve built ourselves a right awesome setup. Listen as we talk about the various platforms we use, giving advice on additional tools and methods to make your online gaming as pleasant as possible. This is our longest episode yet, so get some snacks!

BDaB #0052: Cuts and Battle Jackets

In our first newly-recorded episode of 2021, we’re having a deep educational discussion about the uses and origins of both “Battle Jackets” and “Cuts” in Punk, Metal, Geek and Biker cultures. Join us to learn about the differences in styles and patch formats, and how not to get your ass kicked by a MC when wearing yours.