BDaB #040: Staying Sane During Quarantine

After an unexpected quarantine-required break from our regular recording sessions, we are finally back with a new episode. Like many other creative ventures around the world, we had to take additional time out to adapt our recording setup to work via an online format. I’m happy to finally have (most of) the issues all sorted out, so we can bring you more content! This issue is a bit more free-form than most, as we take some time to dive into the various things we’ve been doing to keep ourselves sane during this contagion crisis. The audio is not as top quality as we usually strive to bring you, but with a few more tweaks to the setup we’re sure to be back in true form in the coming days. Thank you so much for your continued support, friendship, and humanity.

BDaB #039: Bartending 101

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to get into a new career as a bartender? Just Jacob and Dr. Xander lead us on an informative look into the basics of what it takes to learn the business, including their own behind-the-bar origin stories. All the while, we drink a variety of Irish Whiskeys that we’ve not had on the show before, starting with the “worst” of the bunch and working our way deeper into the delicious vaults of aged quality.

BDaB Bonus: COVID-19 Special Discussion

We’re bringing you a special bonus message from the Breakfast Puppies crew: Stay the Fuck Home! This mini-episode details how the four of us are dealing with the current COVID-19 aka Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent quarantine. If you’re looking for tips on how to stay sane, listen along. And if you are losing your shit, please join us online, reach out to us however you can. We’re here for you.

BDaB #038: Living on a Bike, Sobriety and Recovery (w/ Ramblin’ Leathers)

Welcome back, friends! This time we are joined by Joe of Ramblin’ Leather Goods. Joe has lots of stories to share about his time living on his bike, traveling the west coast selling his hand-made leather goods. He also has some candid tales about recovering from alcoholism and adopting a sober lifestyle. To support this conversation, Just Jacob has mixed for us a trio of absolutely fantastic and flavorful non-alcoholic cocktails.

BDaB #037: Malort, Hashing, and Scooters in Cambodia

Our good friend and supporting patron Jeremy joins us for episode 37! Jeremy has brought with him a beverage that we’ve mentioned a few times in the past, and now challenges us to take The Malort Challenge. Listen in to see how we all join and bond over the drunken chains of bitter-foul adversity. Then stick around and listen to Jeremy educate us about the great “sport” of Hashing, aka “A drinking club with a running problem.” After that we hear stories of riding scooters in the streets of Cambodia. Thanks for joining us, Jeremy!

BDaB #036: Winter Riding and Storage Tips

This episode is all about winter riding! Just Jacob takes lead this week, starting with educational lessons about the best practices for storing your various bikes during the winter months. Then for those of you who want to ride all year, he talks about tips and warnings for those cold-season adventures.