Product Reviews

The Glitterbois #0057: A Look at the Rifts 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Hardcover

Since both of us recently acquired copies of the super-limited black-and-gold Rifts 30th Anniversary hardback edition, we’re here (nominally) to review the overall book and its new content. In actuality we spend most of the time waxing nostalgic on how awesome the original content really is. Turns out neither of us had looked through the original Butts Edition in a lot longer than we remembered! If you also got your hands on one of these, drop into Discord and let us know your number!

The Glitterbois #0037: Mechanoid Invasion Trilogy, Part 1

We’re going all the way back to where it started: THE MECHANOIDS! Specifically, we’re taking a look at Palladium’s collected “The Mechanoid Invasion Trilogy.” When we met to record this episode, we really didn’t think we’d have so much to say about it. What was meant to be a 20 minute or so episode turned into a really long chat! As such, we’ve broken this up into a three-parter, to stick with our targeted short-form episode focus. Join us next time for part two!