The Glitterbois #0045: Rules Talk: Unskilled

We’re back from an unexpected short “deal with life issues” hiatus! This episode is our first listener-response episode, based on a question sent to us by a fan asking how we handle Unskilled skill checks in our games. I couldn’t find actual printed rules for this, so we’re talking at length about how we do it in our home games. and give some tips on how to adapt our methods to yours.

The Glitterbois #0044: OCC Spotlight on the Dog Boy

In this issue of the OCC Spotlight series, we’re looking at another core (and iconic) Rifts character class, the Psi-Hound – better known as the “Dog Boy.” This is NPC’s favorite class, hands down, across the entire Rifts catalog. We talked about Dog Boys a bit in our character creation series, but now we’re here to give it a deeper dive!

The Glitterbois #0037: Mechanoid Invasion Trilogy, Part 1

We’re going all the way back to where it started: THE MECHANOIDS! Specifically, we’re taking a look at Palladium’s collected “The Mechanoid Invasion Trilogy.” When we met to record this episode, we really didn’t think we’d have so much to say about it. What was meant to be a 20 minute or so episode turned into a really long chat! As such, we’ve broken this up into a three-parter, to stick with our targeted short-form episode focus. Join us next time for part two!