The Glitterbois #0010: Introduction to the Robotech RPG

Following up on last episode’s theme, we’re doing another brief game introduction, this time on Palladium’s late Robotech RPG. This one is Matthew’s all time favorite, and as such we have a lot of glowing things to say about it. Give us a listen, and let us know what your own favorite Robotech RPG memories are!

The Glitterbois #0006: Character Spotlight: Martin Goodish (Rifts)

Brandon joins us again! This time we kick off another hopefully-recurring segment called “Character Spotlight,” wherein we pick a character and discuss them at length. It may be a character from the books, a character we’ve played in our own games, or even a character from popular media that we want to stat up in Palladium rules. This time, we’re talking about Martin Goodish, Brandon’s character in our ongoing Rifts campaign.