The Glitterbois #0060: Dealing with FUTURETECH! …of the 1990s

In this more conversational episode, we muse over ways to reconcile the contrast between the expectations of technology in Rifts – which was written largely in the late 80s and early 90s – and our own understanding of the technology of our modern 21st century world. We discuss things like computers, communications, electronics, and more. What’s your preferred approach to this conundrum? Write us and let us know!

The Glitterbois #0058: Matthew Explains Robotech’s Eras

We haven’t had a good talk about Robotech in a while, so we’re back for another round of it. This time, Matthew explains the universe story, mainly focusing on the progress of and differences between each of the main “Eras” of the Robotech lore. If you’re also a huge fan of the franchise, drop in our Discord and let us know!

The Glitterbois #0057: A Look at the Rifts 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Hardcover

Since both of us recently acquired copies of the super-limited black-and-gold Rifts 30th Anniversary hardback edition, we’re here (nominally) to review the overall book and its new content. In actuality we spend most of the time waxing nostalgic on how awesome the original content really is. Turns out neither of us had looked through the original Butts Edition in a lot longer than we remembered! If you also got your hands on one of these, drop into Discord and let us know your number!

The Glitterbois #0056: Inspirational Fiction for Rifts

We’re back to talk about inspirational fiction for helping you get into the “Rifts mindset!” When running any new RPG campaigns, we find that it can be super helpful to immerse yourself in as much relevant and tangential fiction as possible. Give us a listen to hear some of our favorites, and then write in and tell us your own suggestions!

The Glitterbois #0055: Intro to RECON

Just Jacob’s guest run with us concludes (for now) with a guided look into one of the “oddities” among the Palladium catalog: RECON, the RPG of the Vietnam War. This one is interesting in that it is _not_ part of the usual Megaversal system that connects most of their games. If you’re interested in learning more about it, give us a listen!

The Glitterbois #0053: Intro to Ninjas & Superspies

Special guest Just Jacob continues with us again as we dive into some of the Palladium properties that we’re less familiar with. This time we’re looking at Ninjas & Superspies, Palladium’s tribute to 80s and 90s spy and kung fu action movies. If you have a memorable or favorite N&SS character of your own, write us and tell us about them!