The Glitterbois #0157: A Palladium Retrospective Part 4: TMNT (with Kevin Siembieda)

Apologies for the delay on this one, things have been hectic in the studio here. But we’re finally back with the fourth part in this ongoing retrospective interview series with Kevin Siembieda of Palladium Books. Today we’re talking about the early days of the TMNT license, and the magic that game brought into our lives. Some old stories, some new, and all awesome!

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The Glitterbois #0153: A Palladium Retrospective Part 1: The Early Years (with Kevin Siembieda)

We’re ridiculously, explosively excited to get Kevin Siembieda back on our show, for the first of what we’re planning to be a rather lengthy series of discussions of the days of Palladium Books. We kick this series off with Kevin’s stories of all the things happening behind the scenes with Palladium in the years leading up to the release of his flagship game, the Palladium Fantasy RPG. This one’s a long ride, but we promise it’s full of awesome!

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