Matthew Gray

The Glitterbois #0145: Rifts World Book 8: Japan

After a bit of a break to bask in the glow of the awesomeness that is the return of Palladium’s TMNT license, we’re back to look at the next book in the Rifts World Books series: Japan! Oh man we have a lot to say on this one, so grab a snack and listen along. Then afterward, drop by our Discord server to chat about your favorite parts of this book!

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The Glitterbois #0144: TMNT Kickstarter: A Chat with Kevin and Sean

Hello friends! We finally got (most of) our schedules aligned to be able to get Kevin Siembieda and Sean Owen Roberson – aka Palladium Books – on the show! They’re here to tell us (and you) all about their awesome new upcoming Kickstarter project for the TMNT RPG redux / special editions. Such excite! There’s some good info here, so give us a listen and then join our Discord server to discuss your thoughts on the project.

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The Glitterbois #0142: Integrating Ninjas & Super Spies into the Megaverse

It’s been a spell since we’ve ventured beyond the Rifts/Fantasy games, so it’s high time we got back to talking more about Ninjas & Superspies! Today we’re discussing ways to integrate the N&SS mechanics (namely its variety of martial arts styles) into the greater Megaverse, with a main focus on Rifts and other MDC settings. Give us a listen, then join our awesome Discord server and tell us about your favorite cross-Megaversal martial arts monstrosity!

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