Bikers Dice & Bars

BDaB #047: Summer 2020 Retrospective

In this episode we return to our “classic” three-part format, taking a look back at the better times of this otherwise awful Summer in the otherwise terrible year that has been 2020. In our first segment we talk about our favorite rides (or lack thereof) taken during this past Summer. In our second segment, we discuss the gaming and general nerdery we’ve accomplished while on COVID lockdown the past few months. And in our third segment, we look at how our drinking has changed, and the ways we have adapted to keep ourselves sane. Sanity is apparently a running theme these days, so y’all be sure to do your best to hold on as best you can!

BDaB Bonus: Virtual Tabletops (w/ Alex Hakobian)

With Poppy and Xander abset, this time around JJ and NPC take a break from the normal format to record a fun bonus discussion with our good friend Alex Hakobian, developer of the Broadsword RPG. Our focus tonight is on the appeal and availability of “virtual tabletops” (VTTs) for playing RPGs online. We talk about the big fish in the VTT pond, as well as a number of additional offline and alternate options.

BDaB Character Jam 15: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1st Ed)

FINALLY! We’ve had a lot of tech difficulties in the last month, resulting in two “lost” episodes and a whole new approach to the entire way we record. Hopefully things are worked out, so for now, here’s our latest new character jam! This time we try our hand at drunkenly making characters for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition. And spoilers: it does not go well, but it’s still hilarious through to the end.

BDaB #045: A Spontaneous Hour of Wine

Xander couldn’t join us at the last minute, so Jacob, poppy, and NPC decide to do a spontaneous recording about their appreciation of good wines. We share out various wine stories, tangents about our 21st birthdays, origins of our wine appreciation, what we’ve learned, and what we love the most.

BDaB #43: So You Want to Own a Firearm… (w/ PB of the LRA)

We’re super excited to welcome special guest PB, founder of the Latino Rifle Association. PB joins us to talk about a subject that many folks have had on their mind in these conflicted times: firearms and the acquisition thereof. We look at good and bad reasons for wanting to own a gun, then talk about what you need to know in order to begin the process of legal acquisition. Along the way we share our own stories of past and present firearm acquisitions, and reinforce crucial safety rules and requirements that all firearms users should follow.

BDaB #42: Dice, Cards, and Other Tools of the Tabletop

We talk about those cool physical game components that we all recognize as the iconic tools of tabletop role-playing. We talk about the tools as well as much of the common lexicon and “inside terms” that permeate modern games, so you too can sound like an expert in nerdy conversations. We also take a special look into Poppy’s home-made “Dice Guide” that she made to help her learn which dice were which when she started playing more RPGs.

BDaB #041: Classic Board Games

In this episode, we share a lively discussion about the “classic” board games we all grew up with. By “classic” we mean “you could buy these at a big box toy store in the 1990s” kind of board games. These are the games that you probably played a lot with your families before moving on to the geekier and more complicated nerd-games that are all the rage today. We close out with a talk about some of the various “gateway games” that you use to help bridge the gap, or even to replace the classics at the next family gatherings.

BDaB #040: Staying Sane During Quarantine

After an unexpected quarantine-required break from our regular recording sessions, we are finally back with a new episode. Like many other creative ventures around the world, we had to take additional time out to adapt our recording setup to work via an online format. I’m happy to finally have (most of) the issues all sorted out, so we can bring you more content! This issue is a bit more free-form than most, as we take some time to dive into the various things we’ve been doing to keep ourselves sane during this contagion crisis. The audio is not as top quality as we usually strive to bring you, but with a few more tweaks to the setup we’re sure to be back in true form in the coming days. Thank you so much for your continued support, friendship, and humanity.

BDaB #039: Bartending 101

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to get into a new career as a bartender? Just Jacob and Dr. Xander lead us on an informative look into the basics of what it takes to learn the business, including their own behind-the-bar origin stories. All the while, we drink a variety of Irish Whiskeys that we’ve not had on the show before, starting with the “worst” of the bunch and working our way deeper into the delicious vaults of aged quality.