June 2023

The Glitterbois #0128: In Defense of Fudging Dice

Today NPC and Just Jacob dive into discussion of a topic that is guaranteed to devolve into flame wars every time it appears anew in a RPG community: Fudging Dice Rolls! As everyone does, we have some thoughts and opinions of our own, and we’re here to converse. GIve us a listen, then drop by our Discord to tell us how wrong we are! I kid. Mostly.

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The Glitterbois #0127: Examining Palladium’s AD&D Roots

Just Jacob is back again as we take a look back at the origins of Palladium’s Fantasy RPG, and discuss the assumptions of gaming awareness that permeated the hobby back in the day. If you haven’t tried the first edition of the game, we highly recommend it, both as a damn solid game and also as a look into an important era of the hobby’s history.

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The Glitterbois #0126: In Defense of Min-Maxing

For the next several episodes, Just Jacob joins us again as a guest host, as Matthew has had some medical issues preventing him from recording. For this first of a new batch of discussions, we talk about the idea of “min-maxing” characters for fun and profit, and take a stab at defending the practice in moments where it makes the most sense. Drop by discord afterward and share stories of your favorite min-maxed characters!

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