BDaB Character Jam 08: The Nightmares Underneath

We’re back with another Character Jam episode! In each of these episodes, we record ourselves drunkenly attempting to make characters for a new role-playing game. This time we’re tackling one of my all-time favorite games, “The Nightmares Underneath” by Johnstone Metzger. It’s yet another “retro” style of game – we apparently do a lot of these because they’re pretty simple to go through as a bunch of drunks. Enjoy!

HAMMERCRAWL! The Wolves of Zaramund! Part 1: Vampire Dingus Leavings

Welcome to a brand new randomly-generated comedic gaming adventure! This episode kicks off a new series of session recordings with an all-new adventuring party comprised of some of my favorite local gamers. Calling themselves the Wolves of Zaramund, this all-women group (at least initially) joins the HAMMERCRAWL! annals with their very special and very awesome take on a classic tale of spurned-love revenge – albeit set in a Vampire Dungeon in 1997! This initial batch of four episodes was recorded in a single session, and broken down for ease of listening. We have more episodes with the Wolves to follow, as well!

BDaB Character Jam 07: Pugmire

We’re once again joined by both Linsel and Poppy, this time to take a delightful romp through the character creation process of a charming new RPG called Pugmire. We drink a continuing variety of dog-themed beers and such, as we make a new pack of Good Dogs to go adventuring in this adorable anthropomorphic role-playing game. This is our longest episode yet, I do believe, but we had so much fun from beginning to end that it was difficult to cut anything at all!

BDaB #013: Dogs!

We’re back from a schedule break with a new episode, and this time we’re talking about nothing but Dogs! Returning guest Linsel Greene is back with us again, and we expect to see more of him in the coming weeks, too! This time around, we also have an EXTRA special guest: Oliver Cromwell the Welsh Corgi, once voted best bar dog in Portland! In our Bike Talk, we discuss cycling and motorbiking (and others) with your favorite canine companions. In our Game Talk, we talk about video and tabletop games which let you play as dogs, or use them as integral parts of the experience. And in our Bar Talk, we talk about taking your doggy to your favorite bars. All the while we drink exclusively dog-themed beers from Lucky Lab and Hair of the Dog, both brewed right here in Portland, OR.