BDaB #009: Recumbents, Electrics, Co-Op Games, Eulogy for the Tugboat

We’re thrilled to have a very special guest with us this week: Linsel Greene, the former bartender of the legendary Tugboat Brewery, Portland’s oldest independent nano-brewery, which unfortunately closed down for good last year. We start off with a talk about recumbent and electrics bikes, which a lot of local bicycle mavens love to hate for some reason. In our nerd chat segment, we discuss various types of co-op board games, and our experiences playing them. Finally, we close our episode with a deeply heartfelt eulogy for the Tugboat Brewery, which we all miss dearly. It was a beloved icon of Old Portland, and we were all pretty devastated by its loss.

BDaB Character Jam 05: Adventure Maximus!

We’re back with another Character Jam! This time we pulled NPC’s copy of Adventure Maximus off the shelf for a run through its initial character creation process. It’s a super-cute visually-driven RPG designed for kids, with some really cool ideas equally hilarious and clever. This might be our shortest one yet, but that’s just because Adventure Maximus focuses on such a quick set up to play. Enjoy!

BDaB Bonus: Wagoncon 2018 Post-Con Report

With Xander out due to illness, NPC, Just Jacob, and Poppy spend an evening drinking Kalimotxo and talking about their experiences at the recent Wagoncon event in The Dalles, OR. This episode goes pretty off the reails so we decided to keep it shorter and make it a bonus release. Thanks again for listening, and we hope to see you all at Wagconcon in 2019!

BDaB #008: Touring, Gaming as Social Therapy, and Karaoke Bars

Xander’s back, hooray! Our drink of the evening is one of NPC’s old time favorites, the **Royal Crown Royal**, which is nothing more than [Crown Royal whiskey]( mixed with [Royal Crown Cola](, over ice. We kick off our topics with a discussion about the joys of Touring on motorcycles and bicycles, including tips for the road and how to pack the necessities. In our second segment, we talk about the concept of the Gaming Group as a major social hub, and then unexpectedly drift into a conversation about using role-playing as a form of self-therapy. We wrap up with a chat about our favorite times at Karaoke bars in the Portland area. And we even recorded a new Character Jam bonus episode afterward, so stay tuned for that to come later!

HAMMERCRAWL! Episode 1: The WAGONCRAWL! (Part One)

This episode is the first of three dungeon parties from an absolutely amazing live-audience session at the recent Wagoncon 2018 event in The Dalles, OR. We’ve been recording dozens of studio sessions for this podcast already, and this was our first attempt at running the mics during a public event. Despite a few mechanical distractions, I’m glad to say things worked out smashingly! This event was so enjoyable that we thought it would make the perfect kick-off for this podcast feed. I’m excited to share it with you, and I hope that you’ll stick around for the many more episodes that will follow.

BDaB #006: Bike Lanes, Loot Crates, and Dead Dive Bars

We open with our drink of the evening: Xander’s personal recipe for “The Desert Storm” cocktail, featuring Arak, orange juice, and grenadine. We then fire off our discussions with a pretty passionate conversation about greenways, bike lanes, those confusing “green boxes” around town, and the outright lies that are “Bike-Friendly!” living developments in the infrastructurally-corrupt city of Portland. Hashtag #fuckPBoT! In our nerd-talk segment we discuss the controversy behind “loot crates” in video games. In our bar-talk segment we lament the loss of good bars, and share stories of some of those we miss the most. We close out with some personal talk about the road we’ve traveled thus far with our podcast, and our feelings toward the future.

BDaB Character Jam 02: Human Occupied Landfill (HoL) RPG

We’re back with another awesome Character Jam bonus episode! This time we attempt to make characters for the complete exercise in hilarious frustration that is everyone’s favorite hand-written RPG, Human Occupied Landfill (HoL). Join us on a hilarious ride through our misery as we jam out a pair of “heroes” for the late 90s post-Vampire middle finger of a game that is HoL. We are now forever scarred, and you can be too!