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The Glitterbois #0002: Our Mission

Continuing with our initial opening episode flood, in the second episode of The Glitterbois, we lay down our mission statements for this podcast. We’ll talk a bit about positivity and excitement, and what we hope to accomplish with this new fan podcast. Drop us a line! You can follow us[…]

The Glitterbois #0001: Who We Are

Hey hey hey, lookee here! It’s our inaugural post! We’re the Glitterbois, a pair of long-time Palladium RPG fans who have been gushing about these games for so long that we finally put our money where our mouths are and made this podcast. Welcome to our humble fan podcast for Palladium Books, and all of their wonderful game worlds. In this opening episode, we talk briefly about who we are, and why we’re finally making this podcast happen.

BDaB #051: All Geared Up with Nowhere to Ride

This is another part of the big “2020 Close-out!” backlog rush, and as such the notes here are at a minimum.

In this episode, we discuss the new issue that some of us are facing, which is: getting all geared up for a winter ride, but everywhere now is closed thanks to the plague. Where do we go now? Listen, and find out.

BDaB Character Jam 17: Ray Winninger’s Underground

This is another part of the big “2020 Close-out!” backlog rush, and as such the notes here are at a minimum.

In this character jam, we attempt to make characters for Ray Winninger’s Underground. ” It’s like Platoon meets Dead Presidents meets Article 99 meets Captain America Civil War meets Jacob’s Ladder.” This is a long one, and there’s lots of math, but it’s a really good episode, and we hope you like it!

BDaB Character Jam 16: Firefly Part 1: The Characters

NOTE: This episode kicks off a major effort to clear out the editing backlog in the final weeks of 2020. The show notes on these are kept at a minimum until we clear out the log, which ends with the last of our new Mothership RPG Actual Play sessions.

In this new Character Jam, we make an _awesome_ set of new heroes for the excellent Firefly RPG. Please give it a listen, and then check out the special bonus Part 2 episode on Patreon, where we later meet back up and create our ship!

BDaB #049: Horrible Life Choices with MD 2020

Listen closely, dear Listener, to this deep cautionary tale of poor decisions and destroyed souls. The BDaB crew finally (!) delivers on its long-mentioned promise of guiding you through a taste sampler review of all the flavors of MD “Mad Dog” 2020 wine that we could acquire. Why would we inflict this torture upon ourselves? For comedy and science, of course. We drink the Mad Dog, so you don’t have to. Don’t know what Mad Dog is? Give us a listen and you will very quickly find out!