BDaB #002: Cyclists, Conventions, and Classified Dives

Hello friends, we’re back for an exciting second episode, hooray! This time around our new drink of the evening is the “uncertain enjoyment” of the Crownberry. After managing to somehow stomach this bizarre concoction, we talk about perceptions of cyclists in our town pf PDX and beyond. In the nerd section we discuss two upcoming conventions here in the Pacific Northwest that we are all pretty excited about. We close out with discussions of our favorite local dive bars, and the different features that we each feel are required for a bar to be rightfully bestowed that label. Oh, and Dr. Gerrymander has some “choice words” for JJ’s character somewhere in the mix…

BDaB #001: Bikes & Beginnings

It’s our first episode and we’re thrilled to be here! We open with our first drink of the series, the solid dive bar classic of a Jack and Beer Back. After that we move to talking about the bikes we ride and the bikes we’ve lost, how we met, and the games that started our nerdly hobbies. Wrapping up the episode is a conversation of our first drinks, and notes on our continued excitement for the sessions to follow.