The Glitterbois #0002: Our Mission

Continuing with our initial opening episode flood, in the second episode of The Glitterbois, we lay down our mission statements for this podcast. We’ll talk a bit about positivity and excitement, and what we hope to accomplish with this new fan podcast. Drop us a line! You can follow us[…]

The Glitterbois #0001: Who We Are

Hey hey hey, lookee here! It’s our inaugural post! We’re the Glitterbois, a pair of long-time Palladium RPG fans who have been gushing about these games for so long that we finally put our money where our mouths are and made this podcast. Welcome to our humble fan podcast for Palladium Books, and all of their wonderful game worlds. In this opening episode, we talk briefly about who we are, and why we’re finally making this podcast happen.