June 2020

BDaB #43: So You Want to Own a Firearm… (w/ PB of the LRA)

We’re super excited to welcome special guest PB, founder of the Latino Rifle Association. PB joins us to talk about a subject that many folks have had on their mind in these conflicted times: firearms and the acquisition thereof. We look at good and bad reasons for wanting to own a gun, then talk about what you need to know in order to begin the process of legal acquisition. Along the way we share our own stories of past and present firearm acquisitions, and reinforce crucial safety rules and requirements that all firearms users should follow.

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BDaB #42: Dice, Cards, and Other Tools of the Tabletop

We talk about those cool physical game components that we all recognize as the iconic tools of tabletop role-playing. We talk about the tools as well as much of the common lexicon and “inside terms” that permeate modern games, so you too can sound like an expert in nerdy conversations. We also take a special look into Poppy’s home-made “Dice Guide” that she made to help her learn which dice were which when she started playing more RPGs.

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