June 2019

BDaB Character Jam 12: HAMMERCRAWL!

It’s time for another Character Jam, woooo! In preparation for a new batch of upcoming recordings for our sister podcast, this time we’re going through the newly-completed HAMMERCRAWL! RPG character creation system. This one’s an entirely home-brewed game system, cobbled together from what were once just house rules merging a dozen other old school gaming systems. Our HAMMERCRAWL! games have consistently been the most awesome tabletop experiences for us, and this session is no exception. And check out the links further below in the notes for our other show, as well as the free online rules for HAMMERCRAWL!

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BDaB #027: D-Day Anniversary, Bikes in Warfare, WWII Gaming, Drinks of WWII

We recorded this special WWII-themed episode on the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, aka Operation Overlord. In the spirit of that anniversary, we decided to focus our episode’s topics around themes relating to WWII. In our Bike Talk segment, DXG and JJ take a stab at educating us on some of the historical highlights of the usage of bicycles and motorbikes in warfare. In our Game Talk segment, we discuss some WWII-related gaming options, and talk about plans for an awesome potential new house campaign. Finally, in our Bar Talk segment, we review the drinks of the evening, and tell stories of learning our favorite WWII-era beverages.

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HAMMERCRAWL! Wagoncrawl 2019, Part 1: Lady Deathfinger Does Not Do Gross

AT LONG LAST, WE RETURN! Sorry for the long wait, folks! The Breakfast Puppies setup has recently undergone a complete studio move and upgrade, which has taken a lot more work than initially planned. But after a break for the convention season, we’re back to regular releases of HAMMERCRAWL! This time we bring you the first of the new WAGONCRAWL! adventures, recorded live on stage at Wagoncon 2019, right here in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. We had an awesome turnout of folks ready to cycle through the meatgrinder, scoring us a good handful of episodes to roll out for your listening enjoyment.

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