July 2018

BDaB #012: Bike Music, Retro Gaming, The Sandy Hut

Welcome back fellow geeky road ramblers! This time around we are joined by Skip vonKuske, creator of many wonderful tunes and projects – one of which is our own theme song. In our first segment, we talk about our favorite bike-themed songs over the years, and also briefly catch up with Xander on his daily grueling bicycle commute. After that we reminisce about our experiences growing up with gaming consoles that are today considered of the “retro” variety. In our final segment we talk lovingly about one of Portland’s most well-known still-running dive bars, the Sandy Hut.

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HAMMERCRAWL! Episode 2: The WAGONCRAWL! (Part Two)

This episode is the second of three dungeon parties from an absolutely amazing live-audience session at the recent Wagoncon 2018 event in The Dalles, OR. In this session a brand new party of adventurers rise up from the audience and try their hands (and dice) at surviving a randomly-created dungeon. Will these newcomers meet a better fate than their forebears in episode 1? Listen and find out!

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BDaB #011: Summer Riding, NINJA TURTLES, Eulogy for the Boiler Room

Hello again, fellow biker nerds! We’re releasing a few days late this time around, thanks to a half-dozen-plus conflicts of scheduling and other life events. This episode was recorded right after the 4th of July celebrations here in the Pacific Northwest USA, and we had a _vast_ quantity of leftover booze on-hand. With Xander being unexpectedly absent due to a new job, we managed to get our good friend Basem from the hilarious Turtle Power Pod to join us in his place, along with our favorite Wannabe Wine Snob, Poppy Beaujolais. Due to the last-minute change-up, this episode is a bit more “off-script” than usual – although we never have a script in the first place so that’s not really anything new!

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