June 2018

BDaB #010: Ride Report 1, Point-Buy vs Random Chargen, Smoking in Bars

For our tenth episode, our drinks of the evening are a pairing of George Dickel Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey and the “Local Logger” Lager from Everybody’s Brewing. In our bike segment, Just Jacob gives a post-ride report on a recent trip he took through eastern Washington, following it up with a talk about emergency bike maintenance and safety tips. The Game Talk topic is the divisive subject of tabletop RPG character creation methods, specifically the conflict between Point-Buy and Random Roll systems. Finally, during our Bar Talk we share our feelings on Smoking in bars, including discussion of the continual banning of it in bars nationwide.

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BDaB #009: Recumbents, Electrics, Co-Op Games, Eulogy for the Tugboat

We’re thrilled to have a very special guest with us this week: Linsel Greene, the former bartender of the legendary Tugboat Brewery, Portland’s oldest independent nano-brewery, which unfortunately closed down for good last year. We start off with a talk about recumbent and electrics bikes, which a lot of local bicycle mavens love to hate for some reason. In our nerd chat segment, we discuss various types of co-op board games, and our experiences playing them. Finally, we close our episode with a deeply heartfelt eulogy for the Tugboat Brewery, which we all miss dearly. It was a beloved icon of Old Portland, and we were all pretty devastated by its loss.

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BDaB Character Jam 05: Adventure Maximus!

We’re back with another Character Jam! This time we pulled NPC’s copy of Adventure Maximus off the shelf for a run through its initial character creation process. It’s a super-cute visually-driven RPG designed for kids, with some really cool ideas equally hilarious and clever. This might be our shortest one yet, but that’s just because Adventure Maximus focuses on such a quick set up to play. Enjoy!

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